The GruMoC of the University of Cartagena in the month of June had two students of Purdue Univesity in  a intership for six weeks, Samuel Albert and Kaley Bean, students of Aeronautics Engineering and Computer Science, respectively; their main interests were the computational science, programming and software development.

Sam tells us about their experience with us:

"For my first two weeks at GruMoC, I worked on repairing and calibrating two 3D-printers, which involved modifying and reprinting some of the open-source parts. After that, I used Meteor to design a website which could display data from the SUE Caribe Autoevaluation in a more esthetically pleasing, interactive way. Working with GruMoC and Professor Javier was a great experience. He gave me a lot of freedom to work, but also helped direct my projects. I hope we get to work together again!"​

We want to have new students in the future, and to share new experiences with them.

It's your time?


Grupo de Modelado Computacional - Universidad de Cartagena