Attended Events

  • III Workshop on Computational Simulation of Materials


  • Intership Students of Purdue University.

Presentation by our Stafff

  • New Paradigms of Citizen Participation on the Investigation Process.
  • Revised Structural Properties of Small Cu Clusters with Random Sampling.
  • TedX Technological University of Bolivar: The Essence of the Great Ideas.
  • Digital World Seminar: A Perspective of New Technologies.
  • Defense of Ph.D. Project in Uniatlantico.
  • International Workshop on Applied Materials for Science and Technology.
Organized Event
  • ​NanoColombia Network National Council
  • On Computational Material Sciences and Photo-Catalysis 2015
  • On Physics of Radiation-Matter Interactions and Catalysis 2014
  • International Conference Boltzmann, Vlasov And Related Equations: Last Results And Open Problems
  • Joint ICTP-TWAS Caribbean School on Electronic Structure Fundamentals and Methodologies


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